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This is a self-initiated project with the aim of bringing about better awareness of mental illness in the UK, as well as encouraging sufferers to talk about it with someone. The idea saw Coca-Cola – a brand at the forefront of promoting happiness and in a powerful position to reach a wide audience – taking notice of the fact that 1 in 4 of us struggle to be happy due to having a mental illness.

The campign would see Coke partnering up with leading mental health charity; Mental Health Foundation, to communicate the problem: many sufferers keep their mental illness to themselves.

The message is targetted at those sufferering (encouraging them to talk about their illness with someone) as well as at those who aren't sufferering - making them aware that the reason people (potentially a close friend) keep their illness to themselves, is down to stigma and a generally poor national attitude of mental illness.

Series of 3 electronic posters: