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Create a 25 second ident for Digital Cinema Media (DCM) and fill it with your creative interpretation of the true power of cinema. You will need to visualise emotion, literally showing how film feels.

Idea:  Nothing compares to the big screen.

Today, there are many platforms available for people to watch films on (facilitated by fashioning services such as Netflix) but none of them compare to the experience of going to the cinema. The content of a film stays the same no matter how a film is viewed, but it's a person's response that can be influenced according to venue. The impact of the big screen heightens senses and immerses it's audience. The 3 idents (Amazement, Laughter & Excitement) illustrate this by literally showing the comparison in screen size (approximately to scale) and detail of a smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV through to the cinema (when the film clip fills the [cinema] screen).

Alongside the 3 idents, financially permitting, I felt there was an opportunity to take the message outside of the cinema and target people who haven't been to the cinema in a while. The advert could run both on Television and online. DCM's logo acts as a magnifying glass, hinting at the scale and detail you experience at the cinema.